It is hard to deny that Inhumans biggest star will be Lockjaw. SDCC had a large stuffed Lockjaw for people to take pictures with. They were handing out miniature versions for the lucky people to take him home. With only one more week until its official release, Marvel is gearing up their marketing for the international release. Whoever was lucky to get their hands on one of the Lockjaw plushies can partake in their new project for people to share pictures from all over the world.

This campaign also led to the Inhumans account to share a new poster for the gigantic bulldog on Twitter. It seems like this poster was prepared just for the National Dog Day, as it is similar in design to the ones that were released last week. With the Royal Family being the focus of the show, it is cute calling him “The Family Dog” in the poster. We also get a good look on the family crest that is now embedded on his forehead rather than the classic pitchfork-antenna.This poster also reveals how much work went into making sure he is as realistic as possible and it is quite amazing what they have done. It is quite obvious why he is one of the major selling points for this show.

That is not all, as another poster was released that teases Crystal and Lockjaw playing. It is drawn by Karl Kerschl, who is well known for his work on Gotham Academy. It does not reveal much new but gives us an adorable look at Lockjaw playing with an oversized ball. We also get to see Crystal use her abilities, which hopefully will not end with Lockjaw getting frostbite. She also seems to be wearing some kind of headphones, which might play a part in the show. With her landing in Hawaii, we might get a few sequences of her enjoying our own music. This also opens up the possibility of the existence of bands on Attilan.

What are your thoughts on Lockjaw? Did you get your hands on one of the plushies at SDCC? Also what are your thoughts on this grooming table for dogs

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