ABC is facing some harsh times as of late. Their ratings have been slipping like with other networks, but they seem to have been hit the hardest. Their strongest show is still Grey’s Anatomy, but most others seem to be stumbling. Their biggest hit this season seems to be The Good Doctor that has been keeping steady and even manages to get some great ratings for a 10 pm slot on Monday. Their attempt at creating a brand new Friday line-up with a strong focus on genre shows was a hope to boost ratings. Sadly, it seems that their hopes did not pan out quite as well as they hoped.

Both Once Upon a Time and Inhumans took quite a hit this weekend. Their ratings dropped by 0.2 points, which means that the show about the Royal Family is at a low 0.4 with 1.98 million viewers. The show’s ratings have been falling ever since its premiere, which is normal, but such a harsh drop in only its fourth week is not a good sign. This puts both Friday shows on the bottom of ABC’s line-up and ups their chances of cancellation.

Could Inhumans manage to survive with great DVR numbers? Maybe it would be able to pull off Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s rather impressive increase. While it’s senior commonly almost doubled its ratings in the +7 department, the new show only has a gain of around 70%. That means its premiere jumped from a 0.9 to a 1.5. In its second week, the show managed to increase to an increase of 86% with a 1.3. These aren’t bad numbers, but also nothing to really cement the fact that it may have staying power.

What does this mean for the show? These numbers do not look promising for it to return for a second season. Perhaps the show may live on through another network, but as Agent Carter sadly proved, TV is a rather harsh business. These numbers would make some worry about SHIELD once it returns, but there is a chance that it might bring back quite a few viewers. It managed to pull good numbers on Tuesday’s 10 pm slot, so anything is possible. Sadly, it seems that the Royal Family might need to find a new way to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe if it does not manage to pull in some more viewers in its last weeks.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the show might face cancellation?

Source: TVbytheNumbers (Week 4 ratings), TVbytheNumbers (Premiere DVR), TVbytheNumbers (Week 2 DVR)

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