The Inhumans trailer dropped only a little while ago and while its reception has been rather lukewarm, there is still some time until we get to see the series premiere in IMAX in September. There is still a lot of mystery surrounding the show as it is unclear how much we will see from the eight episode show when it premieres in theaters. There is also no exact information if we can expect an international release through IMAX cinemas that may reach a wider audience across the world. It seems though that they started kicking their advertising for the show into high gear. They certainly are pushing Maximus (Iwan Rheon in his element) as one of the main characters in the show and his betrayal will become a really interesting part of the first and potentially future seasons of the show.

It does seems interesting that the family symbol we see on Black Bolt’s jacket will be used on multiple occasions throughout the show. In the trailer, we saw it behind the throne, here we see it as part of that staircase. This actually might show a strong betrayal from Black Bolt and Medusa towards Maximus, as they may have uncovered his darker side. Family betrayal may be a recurring theme in the upcoming storyline. This tweet actually gives us quite a few interesting goodies. This picture gives us a great look at Eme Ikwuakor‘s Gorgon, as it was unsure if he would in fact have his famous hooves, but this picture once and for all confirms that we will get him in all his glory. This is also in another tweet that came out at the beginning of July.

One interesting angle the marketing seems to be taking is the fact that Lockjaw will get a strong push, which makes a quite a lot of sense. The dog does have a strong “mascot” feel to it and the Gif they uploaded certainly highlights that very fact.

Taking a closer look at Lockjaw, it is amazing how great he looks for a TV show. It would not be too surprising that a lot of work was invested into making sure that the famous Inhuman dog gets the attention that he deserves. It is noticeable that another major part of the character design has been taken away from both Lockjaw and Black Bolt, their famous antenna that is attached to their forehead. It is one of the goofier aspects of the character, but it was a considerably iconic part of their designs. Taking a closer look at Lockjaw’s forehead actually reveals that it still exists, but in the shape of the Inhumans logo that we see in the design of Attilan and marketing. It even lights up symbolising that he may be about to teleport.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you like the direction they are heading with this show?