Ratings might not be the most interesting aspect of a show’s survival, but they are an essential aspect of the television industry. Unlike Netflix, ABC is very dependant on their ad revenue, which in turn can only be generated if their shows have a decent viewership. Adding to the confusion, the “viewers” are not just everyone who sits in front of their TV. This only includes so-called Nielsen families, who own a special box that allows the viewership numbers to be counted. No matter how many fans gathered around to watch their favorites shows, without that Nielsen box, their numbers do not count directly to the show’s numbers.

Inhumans has already had its premiere last week and started with a lukewarm 0.9 among adults 18 – 49, but with it being a two-hour premiere it did drop to a 0.8 by the end of the night. These ratings are not the home run one would hope Marvel could achieve, especially with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. once managing a whopping 4.7 rating back when it released in 2013. Yet, the true test is always the second week, as it may or may not face a considerable drop. SHIELD dropped from a 4.7 to a 3.3 in its second week, while Agent Carter fell 0.4 points in its ratings after a 1.9 premiere.

TVbytheNumbers has finally revealed that the show had a rather small dip to 0.7 with 2.77 million people watching the premiere. It is not a significant drop from the premiere and if the show keeps its ratings consistent it might have a chance at a second season. Moreover, Once Upon A Time premiered this week in its regular 8 pm slot. A veteran show has also landed with a 0.7, which highlights the rating hell of Fridays. If compared to other nights, Once Upon A Time premiered on par with a 1.0, as Friday’s are generally 30% lower.

Inhumans negative reception combined with the overall Friday slump pushed its ratings down quite a bit. We will have to see if the show can remain consistent in the coming weeks and if it may stay afloat above the ratings of the other Disney show that airs before it. The veteran show has gone through a slight reboot with most of its main cast leaving. It may face a stronger dip next week and if the Royal Family can stay consistent, it may have a fighting chance

What do you think? How do you think the show will keep up in the coming weeks?

Source: TVbytheNumbers

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