Inhumans is struggling to keep its viewer base. Nielsen audiences have always been very specific in what types of shows that keep their interest long-term, most notably the many versions of cop dramas like NCIS and comedy shows. Genre shows often struggle in live ratings, as their main viewing audience check them out through DVR. We are still waiting for its official gain in L+7 ratings, which highlights the how often the show was seen via DVR over the course of one week after its release. As of now, we can only compare how the show is doing live and its third episode is showing a negative trend for the show.

Its ratings have once again dipped by 0.1 to its current series low of 0.6. It had in total of 2.3 million viewers that watched the episode when it aired on ABC. A drop is a common thing for any show, but Once Upon A Time did manage to stay stable even with its rather low season premiere of 0.7. This is a dangerous sign for Inhumans as if it does not manage to stay steady or increase its ratings by next week, its chances of a second season are rather slim.

As mentioned before, it will be interesting to see how this show fares in its L+7 ratings. Its chances of survival are not looking good so far, but with the network having a few shows in its final season and overall dipping ratings, there is a chance that Marvel might step in once again. If it does well enough in its DVR ratings, we might even see the show get transferred to a different network, as IMAX did invest quite some money into this project. Yet, we also have not seen a resurrection of Agent Carter ever since it was canceled so the future is uncertain for the ABC Marvel shows. It will be interesting to see how the show does over the next four weeks.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think the ratings will continue to drop? Do you think it will get a second season?

Source: TVbytheNumbers

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