UPDATE: Looks like we finally have confirmation from Reel News Hawaii himself. Check out his new tweet below along with those Jurassic Park looking photos.

Following last night’s reports of the inclusion of Charles Soule’s NuHumans in the Inhumans TV show, our buddy Reel News Hawaii is back at it again with a new Inhumans-in-Hawaii scoop. The Hawaii-based Twitter user has basically heard (volcanic) rumblings about the Inhumans production possibly filming in the volcanic cone known as Diamond Head. You can see the tweet and an image of the said cone below.

Out of all the shooting locations of the Marvel TV shows in production now, this has to be the most exciting one. Hell, this location could even rival the Scotland locations for Avengers: Infinity War. Should it be true, not only does it convey a sense of scale and budget the production is willing to go for but it also hints at potential story beats we could see on-screen. Before settling on The Great Refuge in the Himalayan mountain range of Tibet, the original Inhumans lived in an island somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, then referred to as the Island of the Gods. This particular location in Hawaii could very well be the setting of the Island of the Gods in the MCU.

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Source: Reel News Hawaii