Marvel’s production of a Inhumans series for ABC and IMAX is a bit of a surprise and is happening on a quick schedule. As such we expect to get a lot of updates and reveals to come on top of each other as everything scrambles into place for filming in the coming months. Last week we got to see who will direct the first episodes and now it appears that more news about filming location is hitting.

This news is interesting for a couple of reasons. One, it points to just what a big project this show is going to be for Marvel TV. Already IMAX has said its on the ceiling of their budget for such projects. Filming in Hawaii will be far more expensive than using sound stages in Los Angeles. Almost all of Marvel TV thus far has been done in California or New York City (as part of a program to bring TV shoots to the city). The announcement of such an exotic locale shows that ABC is definitely not trying to produce Inhumans on the cheap.

For the story of Inhumans, it may reveal a bit of Marvel’s hand. Well-read comic fans will know that though the Inhumans most frequently lived either in a remote area of the Himalayas or in the blue area of the Moon, there was a period early in their history where they inhabited an island in the Atlantic. After several bad interactions with humanity, whose technological improvements led to greater conflict, the Inhumans decided to vacate the island and move to the mountains. An island locale would be fitting for a story that focuses on, or at least flashes back to, the early foundational days of the race. The theme of Inhuman isolationism would also be an obvious one to pick up. (As a side note, the proximity to water is helpful for storylines with Triton.)

It will be interesting to see if this news is in addition to or in lieu of the earlier reports that filming would happen in LA and Chicago. It’s hard to see Marvel producing in all three locales and shipping the actors back and forth. The above tweet seems to have solid knowledge of crew setting up on the island state. It also puts the production there for the next six months or so.

What do you think of this news? Would you want to see a story about the foundation of the Inhuman culture? If they don’t go to the moon, will you be disappointed? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Twitter