In only a few days we will finally see Avengers: Infinity War which will feature the return of everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spider-Man. Peter Parker has gone through quite a bit, such as fighting Captain America in Captain America: Civil War and being lectured by Stark in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Now, he will have to face Thanos and the possible end of the world. After all that what else is there to explore in a Spider-Man sequel? Well, take the webhead out of his comfort zone on a globetrotting adventure, it seems, as revealed in a recent interview with Kevin Feige. He also teased what type of villain we can expect from the sequel that fits with the franchise’s new direction. Up until this point, we only know that Matt Damon declined the role but Feige once again points out the importance of the villain complimenting the film’s new direction.

**We’ve chosen a villain, and I think the storyline is fairly impacted by the locations we go to. We love the notion of taking Spider-Man to places around the world that we haven’t seen him in before. And we have a villain who I think will play into that nicely.**

How will a high-school kid like Peter be traveling the world? Well, we had a homecoming dance as the focus for the first film so it makes sense that a European school trip would be the focus for a sequel. Marvel Studios’ interpretation of the franchise always put him in a battle between his life as a student and hero. Peter will try to enjoy his time on the trip with his friends while being hunted by a villain who might end up detouring their trip. The only question remains what kind of villain would be perfect for that kind of storyline.

The easiest bet would be Kraven the Hunter. He is a character known for traveling the world to hunt exotic beasts, one of which ends up being Spider-Man. It is unclear in what state Spidey will be left after the events of Infinity War and its sequel but he certainly will have to learn to fend for himself, as we do not know if Tony Stark or Steve Rogers will survive the events of the upcoming Avengers films. Perhaps Peter’s mutation acts up and he ends up mutating into a human-spider hybrid. Footage of it is released and Kraven makes it his mission to hunt down this exotic creature and ends up following every appearance of Spider-Man across Europe. He could have a background with Wakanda and Klaue, which could also mean Black Panther could become an ally for the web-slinger.

Naturally, there are many other possibilities. We could see a hint at a more mystic side to Spidey with the introduction of Madame Webb and Morlun, who is also hunting him across Europe. Maybe Mysterio and Chameleon are part of a wandering circus that crosses paths with Spidey multiple times over the course of the film. Perhaps to move away from New York City’s crime gangs, we get a European mafia consisting of Hammerhead and Tombstone, whose plans get foiled by Spidey throughout his trip. Spider-Man has such a vast rogues gallery that almost anything is possible at this point.

Source: Den of Geek

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