At New York’s Big Apple Con, our writers @ShotofPatron and @TC_Stark were some of the lucky ones to participate at a Daredevil panel to get some insight into the production of the show. There they had the opportunity to ask Elden Hanson (Foggy Nelson), Geoffrey Cantor (Mitchell Ellison), Gideon Emery (Anatoly Ranshahov) and Peter Shinkoda (Nobu) questions on the show. Here are some behind-the-scenes information they got from the Q&A:

  • Emery pointed that since him playing Anatoly he has been recognized for his role and was then interviewed on his characters death. He gave a deeper look into how the cast members find out about their respective scenes in relation with the famous car door scene. He noted that he had no idea about the car beheading until he noticed the car door closing over and over again. He confessed that he tried to sneak in some English lines to make his life easier on set, but the higher ups wouldn’t allow it. The team was persistent to keep the lines as consistent as possible. They were trying to keep the consistency going. he also praised the US safety protocols, as they were marginally better than his shoot in South Africa.

  • Peter Shinkoda pointed out that he was a fan of the series even before he joined the show. In the first season, he actually noted that in episode nine he accidentally hit Vincent D’Onofrio and he ended up hurting him so much he needed stitches. The incident delayed the show for a bit. The actor was rather surprised that the fight scene wasn’t cut, as he feared the rating board would get in the way. He actually trained martial arts until he was 16, but confessed that he switched as it wasn’t upping his chance with the ladies.

  • Geoffrey Cantor gave some small insight into his involvement with the show. After the D’Onofrio story, he noted that he was happy he could escape the show without any bruises. He also pointed out that his “Happy Hannukah” line in Season 2 was originally supposed to be Merry Christmas.

  • One major reveal was that Eldon confirmed that shooting on Daredevil’s third season has yet to start, but with The Defenders he has been kept busy. When asked how he feels about playing the role, he equates it to working out. It is a lot of work, but it is worth it once they can see the results.

While there wasn’t much revealed in the Q&A, it is great to see the enthusiasm of the people involved with the show and how much dedication they gave to the show. It was also nice to see Shinkoda and Emery bond over the fact that they played the only characters to lose their head on the show. With Season 3 looming on the horizon, it was nice to get a little look at how the actors’ experiences were while on set. Hopefully, we get some more information on Season 3 moving forward.