Last week, we reported that Sigourney Weaver may be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and just this weekend, it was confirmed at New York Comic Con that she’d be playing a villain in The Defenders. The casting makes perfect sense, as Weaver is an icon in the world of science-fiction movies (having starred in Alien, Ghostbusters and Avatar), and has even earned three oscar nominations. She’s also proved that she can move outside of the realm of sci-fi in dramas like Gorillas in the Mist and comedies like Working Girl and Baby Mama, making her the perfect candidate for a Marvel project.

As it turns out, fans aren’t the only ones who are excited either. Blastr sat down with Finn Jones and Jessica Stroup of Iron Fist to discuss the casting. Just the mention of her name drew astonished looks from the two stars, and they had nothing but wonderful things to say about her.

Finn Jones: I only found out about that just before the announcement… It’s going to be a lot of fun working with her, I think she’s going to bring something to The Defenders which is going to be A-Class.

Jessica Stroup: She just signed today… I mean I think it all literally happened today…

Classic Marvel, retaining secrecy and anticipation until the very last moment. Apparently, Weaver is already getting into her villainous character, having spooked Stroup before the day was even finished:

I was standing there watching [the panel], taking pictures off to the side, then all the sudden I turn to the side, and she’s standing right beside me, like whoa!

It is unclear who she will be playing, but no doubt Weaver will give the performance of a lifetime in The Defenders come 2017. Until then, we can look forward to seeing Jones and Stroup in Iron Fist on March 17, 2017.

Who do you think Weaver will play in The Defenders? Let us know below!

Source: Blastr on YouTube