The Game of Thrones/Iron Fist love-in looks set to continue. Not content with poaching Loras Tyrell (Finn Jones) as Daniel Rand and Nymeria Sand (Jessica Henwick) as friend and ally Colleen Wing, Marvel now appear* to have bagged director Miguel Sapochnik for the show, who, according to IMDB is going to be directing episode four.

Sapochnick is notably credited with filming some of the most celebrated Game of Thrones episodes to date – these are last night’s Winds Of Winter, the preceding episode Battle of the Bastards and the now infamous season five episode Hardhome.

As an Iron Fist fan, this series is shaping up to be everything I could have hoped for and more – with some extraordinary talent now in front of and behind the camera. Furthermore, considering the sheen of cinematic quality on Sapochnik’s TV work, might it not be long before Marvel Studios starts to eye him as a potential candidate for a feature film gig? (That being previously the case with Thor: Dark World and Games of Thrones director Alan Taylor.)

Iron Fist is expected to hit Netflix sometime next year.

*It’s worth noting that since the source is IMDB, this report can not be 100% confirmed.

Source: Reddit via IMDB.