The social media account of Marvel-Netflix’s Iron Fist Season 2 has been at it for the past several days unveiling episode titles for the show. Naturally, with rumors that the show would have a fewer episode count that the rest of the Netflix shows, several fans watched out for the number of episode titles they were unveiling. Well, it seems that we have an answer. With 10 titles released, the second season of Iron Fist is looking to have only 10 episodes, making it the shortest solo Marvel-Netflix show to be released. Check out the episode titles below which were all based off iconic Iron Fist issue titles.

  • The Fury of the Iron Fist

  • The City’s Not For Burning

  • This Deadly Secret

  • Target: Iron Fist

  • Heart of the Dragon

  • The Dragon Dies At Dawn

  • Morning of the Mindstorm

  • Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance

  • War Without End

  • A Duel of Iron

And check out the official Iron Fist Instagram getting cheeky with a fan who asked about the episode count.

Now, this is by no means a solid 1000000% confirmation. For all we know, that Instagram account just wanted to be cheeky with that fan and they’ve got more episode titles to post later this week (IG only allows 10 photos per post after all). But basing it on all the evidence so far – a shorter production schedule, an insanely reliable leaker, a credible report from the city of New York and that Instagram reply – the 10-episode count is looking more and more likely.

The 13-episode count of the Marvel-Netflix has been a point of contention among fans due to the inconsistent narrative pacing the shows displayed. While The Defenders proved that a shorter episode doesn’t automatically result in a better season if you’ve got a weak story to start with, having a shorter Iron Fist Season 2 does elicit hope that we could get a tighter and more-precise narrative.

Source: Instagram and Twitter