Here’s something that seems to be set in stone. Apparently, Marvel Television and Netflix are planning to do a presentation of Iron Fist Season 2 next month in San Diego Comic-Con, which may be the only major venture Marvel will have this year in the iconic convention. And if Iron Fist Season 2 is indeed being presented next month, that would put its release date in August or September, making Daredevil Season 3 the last of the Defender shows to premiere this year.

This is something that some fans have been anticipating since Iron Fist wrapped a few weeks ahead of Daredevil several weeks ago. There’s also the matter of when the second season of Iron Fist takes place in The Defenders timetable. At the end of The Defenders, we’re left with a “missing” Daredevil and Danny Rand protecting the streets of Hell’s Kitchen in his absence so it makes sense that we get to his story before Matt’s. All in all, this is pretty exciting news. I like the idea that they’re saving the best of all the properties for last. I could now see a November-December date for Daredevil Season 3 with an NYCC presentation.

Source: Twitter