Davos has the Iron Fist and is on a rampage. Now that he finally has the powers he always desired he is slowly losing his integrity Yet, he also seeks a way to pass on the teachings of K’un L’un by teaching the kids that live on the street. At the same time, Danny is trying to recover from the last episode as his leg is healing with the help of a brace. His goal of saving his brother is reaching its limits as it also tests his relationship with Colleen.

At this point, the show has really pushed Davos as the main focus of the series. He finally has the Iron Fist and is on a rampage throughout NYC. His obsession with the fist has pushed his ego so far that he now sees himself as a savior. He and Danny share the same belief but they have gone down very different paths. It is a nice contrast to Danny’s belief from the first season. He kept referring to himself by his title almost like being the Iron Fist was his only purpose. Now, Davos is doing the same thing and wants to bring back the teachings of his home. In a twist of irony, he recruits the kids from the neighborhood to train them similar to what the hand did through Colleen. It almost creates this contrast that Davos is not only a contrast to Danny but also to Colleen. This sets up the show’s major twist thematically.

Let us talk about this seasons’ greatest addition, Misty Knight. She and Colleen get some of the best moments throughout the season and it really makes me hope we get a Daughters of the Dragon spin-off at some point. Knight tracks down the bowl used for the ritual after a short meeting with Joy. Sadly, it is the only bowl in the world but luckily a hanging scroll offers them the missing information they need for the ritual. Her banter and dry wit really levitate many scenes throughout the season. Moreover, she just knows how to really kick someone’s tail with her own iron fist. Ward also gets a lot of character development in this episode, as he succumbs to his desires and gets wasted. This comes at the cost though and might spiral him into a darker place once again.

Danny’s story here is a bit more dramatic. Davos broke his leg and took away a power he has gotten used to. The fist was everything he based his entire fighting style on. In a way, he lost his most defining trait and is even unsure about his own abilities. In the comics, Danny is the master of martial arts but in this universe, they only state how they were being trained to earn the Iron Fist. His fighting style is quite similar to Davos’. We especially saw that element in the bloody battle for the chance to face Shou-Lao. It feels like their entire teachings were to make them fight in this specific style so they can master the Iron Fist. So now he lost it all and must find himself again. Sadly, it ends up with him selfishly going against Colleen’s wishes and asking her to return as a teacher. Without any second thought, he turns their apartment back into a gym so he can get back on his feet with the help of a technologically advanced brace. It feels like this action will slowly tear the two apart as his obsession might get the better of him.

Lastly, we get to explore Mary Walker a bit more in this episode. They are building up the origin of her DID and lets Mary understand the actions of Walker. She was captured in Sokovia and her time there has managed to split her mind apart. Alice Eve gives a great performance in contrasting the softer Mary to the harsh Walker, especially when she makes the conscious decision to let Walker take over her body. It almost feels like the might be a lot more to their personalities and hopefully, we get to explore their relationship more throughout the season.


3.5 folded drawings out of 5.  

The episode gives us a great contrast between our antagonist and protagonists. It is more of a set-up episode for the third arc of this season, as many elements are slowly coming together. Danny is able to get up quite fast after the events but is blinded by his desire to take on Davos. We get some great moments with Ward and Misty but Mary is a stand-out this episode. The end is near and so the show is trying to set-up everything so it feels a bit like a filler. Still, there are great moments throughout and Davos is quite a compelling villain.



  • Fernando Chien‘s Chen Wu might be one of my favorite additions. His character is in such an awkward situation but still knows how to fight. His comedic timing is also fantastic which makes me hope we get a lot more of him.
  • I love every moment when Iron Fist mythology is explored. The transfer of the dragon’s soul and power is a new addition to the lore but builds on the Steel Serpent’s comic origins in a creative way.
  • The folding of the drawings from both personalities is well done even if it is a bit cheeky, especially for long-time comic book fans.
  • Misty finds out that a man named Erskine was collecting many K’un L’un artifacts and naturally, it seems to be a connection to Captain America: The First Avenger. There was actually an Erskine who worked together with Orson Randall so it seems like they are building up to his appearance.