Some good Marvel-Netflix goodies were unveiled in the most unexpected of places this weekend, in the Asia Pop Comic-Con in the Philippines where they held a big Netflix panel that featured Finn Jones, Mike Colter, Mustafa Shakir, showrunners Cheo Hodari Coker and Raven Metzner, and screened the very first episode of Iron Fist Season 2 to a lucky audience. I tend to live regret-free in this world but learning that I missed out on that the one day I made plans for something else definitely made me rethink my priorities as a loyal Asia Pop Comic-Con trooper. But enough that. We’ve got more exciting things to talk about like the descriptions of the first episode that have surfaced online. A Reddit user by the name of thecayco took to the site to share some details from the first episode. Here’s what he/she had to say about the technicalities of the show.

  • The camera shots have improved a lot, also the colors, cinematography looks a lot closer to DD and JJ.

  • Based on the fight scenes I saw, I can definitely say that they’re infinitely better than the first one. Moves look snappier, more natural. Finn Jones’ moves have improved a lot. Even Colleen’s, if that’s possible.

  • The DD fight scenes are raw, more primal, more deliberate. The ones I saw here were I would say a bit like DD in terms of how well they were executed, but more elegant. You can actually see kung fu movie influences now.

Some story details were also shared revealing where the show picks up with some of the characters and loose plot threads. According to the user, there are new dangerous organizations hoping to fill the hole (pun intended) left by the Hand at the end of The Defenders. Meanwhile, Joy Meachum has fully aligned herself with Davos and has devised a revenge plan against Rand Enterprises. And in the middle of those power shifts is our hero Danny Rand, who is now being depicted as a maturing, more focused adult. The episode also makes it a point to introduce Alice Eve‘s Typhoid Mary briefly in a sequence that can only be described as creepy by the Reddit user.

When asked about whether we see an improvement in Danny’s skill/power level, the user says that Danny is still pretty at the level where we last left him in the first season. I’m hoping for some growth in his abilities as the Iron Fist in this season. He’s gotta start lighting up his left fist! Overall, this seems to be a pretty straightforward yet exciting set up for the rest of the season. They had my curiosity, now they have my attention.

Source: Reddit