Iron Fist’s first season might not have gotten the best of reviews but it still managed to get enough viewers for Netflix to give it a second chance. Alongside Inhumans, the show is referred to as one of the worst productions to be part of the MCU. With a new showrunner, there is hope that we could see the show get together and surprise us with a much better second season. Rumors have it that the second season will be shorter which could help the pacing issues from Scott Buck‘s run with the show. Now, we get a few snippets from Comic Book Movie that tease what we can expect from the show’s upcoming season, as some familiar faces are ready for a fight.


What sticks out is Colleen Wing’s new tattoo. She has Danny’s Iron Fist logo on her arm which is rather interesting. She has come a long way since being part of Hand and falling in love with the self-proclaimed Immortal Weapon. It does not seem like she has taken over Danny’s powers as the Iron Fist but it may be her way of showing that she is on his side. It could also be a sign that we may get the Daughters of the Dragons coming together at one point in the show’s upcoming season. She is certainly ready for battle and one image does reveal she will go through quite a lot.

Another major revelation is the return of Davos, who was teased as a major villain at the end of the first season. There is no sign of him having become the Steel Serpent but that may be a plotline they are hiding. It is still unclear if he will be the main villain of the show as the Hand is no more. Danny’s story after the events of The Defenders made him take up the mantle of protector of New York. It certainly seems like he is trying his best but we will see how much he has evolved since the last time we saw him. Hopefully, we will also get his original costume in some form or another.

What do you think? Are you excited or nervous about the second season?


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