It’s been about a week since the second season of Iron fist Season 2 started filming and whadya know, the first set photos are finally here! They feature stars Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick hanging out in the streets of New York, looking like they stepped right out of The Defenders. Check it out!

As always, there ain’t much to these photos other than the fact the they baffle the hell out of myself and my co-writer Brooklyn Wallace. Because where in hell are those Daredevil Season 3 photos? A week after Iron Fist Season 2 begins filming and we get our first photos of the two leads right away but a month after Daredevil Season 3 starts, we don’t even have a blurry snapshot of the cast. Whatever the case is, we’re just anxious in seeing the latest images from the latest Netflix offerings.

Source: Tumblr