One of the big news that came out of San Diego Comic-Con last weekend was Jeph Loeb‘s sudden announcement that Iron Fist was indeed being renewed for a second season on Netflix. The news shocked even the show’s star Finn Jones himself, who had not anticipated such an announcement during the Defenders panel. But with 2 Marvel/Netflix shows currently production – Jessica Jones and Luke Cage – and Daredevil Season 3 starting real soon, some wondered where in Netflix’s super busy timeline would production for Iron Fist Season 2 begin. Well in an interview from Screengeek with Sacha Dhawan, Davos himself confirmed that the show may potentially start filming later this year.

It’s definitely not been confirmed whether or not I’ll be in it, but they’re hopefully starting in December. You know with things always changing, Marvel are pretty good adapting to any kind of situation.

We don’t know when filming for both sophomore seasons of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage ends but needless to say, this is the busiest the Marvel/Netflix crew have ever been. We could definitely see the streaming giant push more Marvel shows frequently at this production rate. One could only hope that Sacha’s estimation comes true at the end of the year. There’s been a resurgence of excitement for Iron Fist with Scott Buck‘s departure and the hiring of new showrunner, Raven Metzner. So the sooner the show can begin production, the better.

Semi-unrelated: can I just express my love for this iteration of Davos with Sacha playing him? For all the crap I give Buck’s vision for the Iron Fist, the casting of Sacha is one of the show’s highlights. He plays such an unconventional version of the brute, sadistic and violent version of Davos in the comics that I cannot wait to see where they take him in the next season.

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Source: Screengeek