After getting short snippets and promo clips for the past few weeks, Marvel and Netflix have finally unveiled the full trailer for the anticipated second season of Iron Fist. A significant improvement over any Season 2 footage out there, the trailer sees Davos come face to face with Danny in a vengeful quest to set things straight. Check it out!

The trailer finally gives us a good idea on what’s to come. Davos is out for revenge and has finally acquired mystic abilities of his own, becoming the fabled Steel Serpent of the comics. He’s got a red glowing fist and a badass back tattoo to boot. We get to see a lot of the returning cast in action. Misty and Colleen kick ass while the Meachum siblings are having alliances of their own. Sadly, we only get a small dose of Alice Eve‘s Typhoid Mary but I’m sure that’ll be rectified in the next trailers to come. Overall, the trailer is a good showcase of the steps taken by the production in improving the show. Only a few weeks left until we see the final product!

Source: Youtube