There’s a lot going on with the Marvel and Netflix nowadays. They dropped a bombshell yesterday with the first ever trailer for Luke Cage Season 2 following the success of the sophomore season of Jessica Jones. Some photos from the set of Punisher Season 2 surfaced a few days ago. Now, it appears that Iron Fist Season 2 will soon wrap production as the cast and crew seem to have celebrated its completion.

As always with these giant productions, the wrap party is usually celebrated before all directing units actually complete coverage. So if you see some set photos after this report, it’s all business as usual. Now, Iron Fist nearing its end likely means that Daredevil Season 3 will soon wrap. Production for the third season of ‘Ol Hornhead began in November while Iron Fist began a month after. With Danny Rand taking the mantle of the protector of Hell’s Kitchen at the end of The Defenders, it’ll be interesting to see if there’ll be an overlap between their stories.

Source: Instagram