Cameras are set to roll on Iron Fist any day now and thanks to a new casting breakdown, we could have a look into who Danny Randy (Finn Jones) and Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) will take on when season two debuts — assumably sometime in the early part of 2019. Thanks to our friends at That Hashtag Show, we now know that the show is casting some covert-ops type roles.  The entire breakdown, as THS reported it:

[TANYA PARKER](late-20’s, open ethnicity) As a freelance covert operative, Tanya has carried out many high-level missions. A chameleon adept at playing roles, Tanya inhabits the “part” that best fits the mission. SERIES REGULAR

As the casting directors for the House of Ideas get smarter and realize these pesky journalists get their hands on their casting breakdowns, it’s getting trickier to identify the exact roles they’re casting.  However, THS put their heads together and guessed that the role could be that none other than Lady Gorgon, an assassin of The Hand.

Lady Gorgon — or Tanya Adrian  — was created by the powerhouse team of Matt Fraction, Rick Remender, and Howard Chaykin and first debuted in Punisher:  War Journal #20 (2008).   In the comics, Lady Gorgon was hired by Jigsaw to kill Frank Castle, so now that we’ve gone through a full season of The Punisher without even the slightest mention of The Hand, it’d be a peculiar choice to include her in Iron Fist.

Being the fan I am of the character, I’m hoping it’s someone along the lines of Li Hua — Tiger’s Beautiful Daughter — from Fraction, Ed Brubaker, and David Aja’s classic Immortal Iron Fist run.  She’s an assassin-like character and, quite frankly, quicks some ass.  She’d be a most welcome addition to the show, even more so that two of the Immortal Weapons — Bride of Nine Spiders and Dog Brother #1 — were wasted in season one.

What do you think Iron Fist fans?  Could we be getting Lady Gorgon?  How about Tiger’s Beautiful Daughter?  Let us know in the comments below! Oh, and you haven’t read Immortal Iron Fist yet?  You probably should get on that — it’s my favorite comic run of all time.

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