With Iron Fist now a mere month or so away, fans are finally getting a look at the full trailer. This is pretty typical timing for Marvel, releasing a full Netflix trailer about a month before the show hits the streaming service.

This preview gives all kinds of new tidbits that will get fans salivating. The early portions hint a little at the fish out of water story that will start the show. (Did anyone else think about Elf and the security guards taking away Will Ferrell?) The action quickly moves up to Rand announcing his return and giving just a few details about his exile. Notice that one training shot shows him in green and yellow robes, a great throwback to the comic costume. Perhaps most exciting was all the shots of the Iron Fist powers in action. How the VFX would handle that element has been a big question, and it all looks great. Finally, Madam Gao is very prominent, which will excite many who felt she was underutilized thus far in Daredevil

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