Now that we have all binged on Iron Fist – and if you haven’t there are major spoilers for the whole season in this article, so you may not want to proceed – fans know all four of The Defenders who will come together this summer, on Netflix. While we know all of these characters, there are many questions from their introductions that are left unanswered. I was able to get some answers on the newest Defender, during a conversation with Iron Fist writer Tamara Becher on a podcast that I run outside of this site.

As the writer for episodes 8 and co-writer for 13, Becher was extremely gracious with behind-the-scenes scoops on what why certain decisions were made behind-the-scenes. One of the first topics that I brought up was how quickly the relationship between Danny and Colleen progressed. This decision, evidently, was made when the writers realized that there wasn’t any sex in the show, at all, at a certain point. Therefore, they decided to heat things up!

Of course, this led to a discussion of the sex scene in K’un Lun. Becher said that a lot of time was spent considering the population of K’un Lun, and it was decided that Danny’s character would have concentrated so hard on becoming a warrior that there wouldn’t have been time for sex. However, there was more to the community than the monastery where he was raised. In fact, she said that this was decided that Danny would be a virgin, going into the series, to show how serious he was about his training.

Part of it came from Finn also, who everybody sort of agreed that it would be way more interesting choice if this was a point of pride, as warrior, that you had that much control over, you know as a teenage guy that to deny yourself that, and to solely focus on your body in a non-sexual way and commit yourself to your training completely, was a point of pride for these warriors.

As far as the lack of a disguise for Danny in Iron Fist, Becher explained that while he hasn’t earned it (yet), there also didn’t seem to be a real need for one.

He didn’t know what he was getting into when he first starts looking into this stuff going on at Rand, so he didn’t really know he would need to disguise himself. I think it is safe to say that the Iron Fist costume is challenging. It’s not exactly modern. And I think they do a really awesome job in the Walker comic book of making it look like a track suit, and he has running shoes and stuff.

They did try to put some sort of easter-egg related to the suit, in the show. However, the bar for winks to traditional costumes was set high in Luke Cage, but they just couldn’t make it happen.

One detail that has really felt odd to fans, is that these shows don’t refer to other MCU characters by name. We specifically asked Becher if there was some sort of ban on using the other character names from the MCU. While she couldn’t completely remember the reasoning, she felt it was more in keeping with the tone set in Luke Cage than any official rules set for the writers.

While there were plenty of references to Shao Lao, the dragon from which Danny received the powers of the Iron Fist, our one look at the dragon was only to see it’s glowing eyes. I asked Becher if this was a decision for budget or creative issues, she said that the decision was completely based on keeping the tone of the show grounded in the tone of the rest of the Netflix MCU.

When it starts getting into things like, you know, he actually got it from hugging a dragon, it felt crazy. I think it would have felt wrong not to do it, but we wanted to like lay it in there subtly – I know I keep saying ‘sublety and organically’ but we really wanted to do it in a way that felt as grounded as you could possibly make a mystical city that has a dragom. So we laid in just like a few mentions here and there, so that it didn’t really over-shadow the rest of the story…And then we just saved it to the very end with the sort of nod to the dragon, with the eyes.

Becher was very gracious with giving her own thoughts on the (lack of) trustworthiness of both Madam Gao, and Ward Meachum, and many other subjects related to the MCU and her own fannish interests, which you can hear in the full podcast. She stressed that she enjoys feedback from the fans, both positive and negative, because it’s fun to see people so interested in the final product.

Source: Superlaties Podcast