Remember that yuuuuuuuuuge Marvel photo shoot featuring almost all the characters that have come and gone in the MCU that made the rounds a couple of weeks ago? That shoot was so huge that even Ty Simpkin, whose one-off character Harley Keener co-starred with Tony Stark in 2013’s *Iron Man 3, was invited to the party. This prompted the question, ‘Whatever happened to Harley all these years?’ A new report from IMDB might just give us an answer, as Ty Simpkins has been reportedly added to the unending cast of ***Avengers 4***.

It should be pointed that while IMDB has the shadiest of reputations (even I can add myself to the Avengers 4 cast list), it’s highly uncommon for the site to actually plug casting news on their social media pages. The few times that they’ve done this – several Black Panther cast members that reportedly joined Avengers: Infinity War – have all been verified to be true. So its possibly that this report has an ounce of truth to it.

As I mentioned above, Harley is one of the many characters who’s fallen by the wayside. Not that his character needs to be absolutely remembered but I sure as hell wouldn’t mind seeing how his life has changed since crossing paths with The Mechanic. The kid playing Harley ain’t a kid anymore so the character might be in an interesting time in his life if he does show up in the film. Talks of an important funeral scene being shot for the film has led some to speculate that an Avenger may bite the dust. It’s not crazy to think that Harley may show up for that very reason.

Source: Twitter

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