We have received a surprising amount of behind-the-scenes pictures and footage from the top secret Avengers: Infinity War, but up to this point we still have no idea how the story will unfold with the many different characters that exist within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The latest picture provided our first look at the Science Bros finally meeting the Magic Bros, as Tony Stark, Stephen Strange, Bruce Banner and Wong are standing in the middle of rubble that looks quite similar to how New York City looked like in the first Avengers. In addition, we now also get our first look at the brand new armor that will be used by Stark during his confrontation with Thanos.

This piece of the armor is used on set so that the production team can get an idea of how the lighting needs to be set, which is a great help for the special effects team. We have seen something similar with a giant bust of the Hulk that was used for Age of Ultron. Taking a closer look at the armor, it is clear that his chest insignia has once again gone through many iterations. It looks like a combination of the one Stark wore in Captain America: Civil War with elements of his suit from the first Avengers film. The helmet also seems to be much more streamlined with the upper part being rounder in comparison to Civil War. The shoulder blades and side pieces also seem to hint at a much more flexible suit, which has been a steady development for Stark through the years. The last time we saw him, he was able to retract the entire helmet, revealing his entire head rather than just raising the face plate alone.

These scenes could take place after a large battle with Thanos’ forces, but given the appearance of Doctor Strange (with the Eye of Agamotto), it would even be possible that they traveled back in time to the events of the first films. It could be that they are trying to get their hands on something to stop the Mad Titan and reveal his many influences on the events from previous films. They may risk space-time once again to uncover what the space giant had been planning ever since the first Iron Man film. It would also give some feeling of finality, as it is the third part of a trilogy. Maybe we could see the return of Loki or Ultron in a cameo.

Do you like the armor design? What do you think will take the tam to New York City? Are the Chitauri returning for another attack? We’ll learn all of this, when Avengers: Infinity War premieres on May 4, 2018.

Source: Reddit