When Avengers: Infinity War debuts next year, there will be many team-ups that fans would have never dreamed of seeing on the big screen.  When filming began, fans were actually treated to a video from Robert Downey, Jr, Chris Pratt, and Tom Holland on set, filling us with visions of what it will be like when Iron Man, Starlord, and Spider-Man all share the same scene. Ever since that moment, it has been a series of “What if” moments as we have seen all of our favorite characters on set, creating the greatest melting pot of a movie that has ever been imagined.

Last week, we finally saw a behind-the-scenes shot of Downey, Benedict Cumberbatch, Benedict Wong, and Mark Ruffalo together, insinuating that the team would be sharing some scenes. Today, we finally get a look at their characters together, on the rubbled streets of what looks to be New York. Iron Man, Hulk and Doctor Strange coming together to contemplate on how much crap has hit the fan this time around is truly a sight to behold.


Just seeing these four characters (Bruce Banner, Wong, Tony Stark, and Dr. Strange) together can set any fan’s mind to work creating scenarios for this scene. The taxi in the background is obviously a New York cab, and it looks like something has ravaged the streets of New York once more and that they were too late to stop it. This Instagram video features a mo-capped RDJ walking towards a camera as Doctor Strange watches him. RDJ’s mo-cap suit is interesting because it seems unlike anything we’ve seen before onset (correct us if we’re wrong on this!).

Maybe this is the pivotal moment in the film where they decide to eat shawarma. How excited are you to finally see these four together? Were the Avengers too late in stopping the threat that left New York in ruins? Let us know, in the comments!

Source: Twitter