So remember that new image of Thor and Black Widow we ran like a few hours ago that some people thought was fake? Well, it turns out that the Thor image came from an early batch of legit Avengers: Infinity War pictures dated back in July, courtesy of a writer named Jim Galizia. And included in that batch is a new look at Tony Stark’s brand new armor – aptly named “Space Suit” – and its features specifically designed for their fight against Thanos.

It’s clear with this image that Tony Stark wasn’t kidding around about being prepared for a huge war ever since he dreamt of it back in Avengers: Age of Ultron because that armor looks packed AF. Each gauntlet seems capable of morphing into these meaty plasma canons ala Megaman. The armor also has some sort of repulsor-wing system, presumably to help Tony navigate through the harsh conditions of space. To top things off, he finally equipped his armor with a melee weapon in case things get tricky up close.

As for the actual armor design, we’ve seen it before. It closely resembles his Captain America: Civil War Bleeding Edge-inspired armor. Though this iteration looks a lot more alien than the previous one. Makes us wonder if Tony finally incorporated alien tech into his array of weaponry. If Toomes did it successfully, it should be a no biggie for Tony.

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