Ever since we saw the re-designed Spider-Man costume at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, we were waiting for Peter Parker to finally wear the MCU’s version of the Iron Spider. It did retain the golden highlights from the comics but outside of that, it did not resemble the costume too much. The design of the Civil War storyline has become quite iconic with the Iron Spider costume even making an appearance in the cartoon Ultimate Spider-Man. Thankfully, the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War confirmed that Peter will at some point wear the iconic suit.

The only thing truly missing to make it a true Iron Spider outfit are the famous spider stingers that came out of the back of the costume. Some Lego toys hinted at this being the possibility but thanks to the Marvel Premiere Collection’s Diamond Select statue, we have our best look yet that confirms the stingers for Avengers: Infinity War.

They seem to be the closest in design to the comics from the entire costume. The most interesting aspect of the inclusion of the stingers in Infinity War is how they could change Spidey’s repertoire throughout the film. Last time we saw Peter, he was still learning how to use the various functions of his web shooters and chose to familiarize himself with the costume he got from Tony. He rejected the Iron Spider at the end of Homecoming, so he will have to adapt to using this new costume as fast as possible before Thanos makes his appearance. It could be hinting at some fun scenes as Peter gets surprised by the existence of the stingers and hopefully, we get to see him use them in creative ways.

How do you think Peter will use the stingers? Is there something you want to see happen?

Source: Entertainment Earth