Looks like the “Iron” family will continue in a brand new Disney+ series. Sadly, we are still waiting for an announcement for a War Machine series, as the younger generation of heroes is taking the spotlight. Cinema Spot got their hands on plans that Marvel Studios are aiming to start production by the end of the year on an Ironheart series. A recent addition to the Marvel family, 15-year old Riri Williams built her very own armor after being inspired by Iron Man.

Cinema Spot does confirm that nothing is concrete for the character outside of them actively looking for a showrunner. We will see in the coming months if they can fill that role for a potential production start. Ironheart joins quite an extensive line-up of series heading for Disney’s streaming service with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier still aiming for a release in August followed by WandaVision in December. It is unsure how much the productions have been affected by COVID-19 and if we will see any delays for these projects. Marvel Studios’ entire film line-up has shifted by half a year so it wouldn’t be too surprising to also see the shows being delayed as well.

What is also rather interesting is the rise in young Marvel characters. Ms. Marvel is getting a series, Stature is rumored to have a major role in the Ant-Man threequel and Hawkeye will be training Kate Bishop. It is becoming more apparent that there is going to be a passing of the torch for many characters. Ironheart is an interesting addition, as it also gives War Machine a mentor role. We knew that there was a high chance someone was going to carry on the Iron mantle with many theories pointing to Iron Lad being a potential new addition. They could even include both characters to create an interesting rivalry for who is the true successor of the mantle.

Would you have expected to see Ironheart get a Disney+ series? What other characters would you want to see get a Disney+ series?

Source: The Cinema Spot via DisInsider