Here’s one bit of news we didn’t expect in the middle of all the San Diego Comic-Con madness: a screenplay for Ironheart, one of Marvel’s recent creations and a protege of Iron Man, has been written and has gotten the attention of the Black List, a Hollywood group that keeps their eye on promising unproduced screenplays and helps them get made. Check out their tweet from last night.

While it’s not unusual for the Black List to be associated with Marvel Studios properties – Black List writers Matthew and Ryan Firpo are penning the Eternals script – it is unusual for a script about a superhero owned by a billion-dollar corporation to appear on a list that helps sell scripts to interesting film studios. Our friends at That Hashtag Show were told that Ironheart writer Jada Rodriguez had to either own the IP or had have been commissioned to write it up. For obvious reasons, we’re inclined to believe the latter.

Regardless of how unusual this case is, the fact that a script for Ironheart is out there and may be in the development is exciting. Reception to the comic may have been polarizing but with a good writer – the Black List seems to think so – and a good visionary behind it, an Ironheart film could be a breakout success for Feige and co., something they’re all too familiar with. With the MCU set to blow its doors open for new faces and legacy heroes to come in after Avengers 4, it’s no surprise that Riri is one of the characters being looked at.

Source: That Hashtag Show