One of the great things about seeing a world like the Marvel Cinematic Universe progress is witnessing the growth of characters. We’ve seen several of our beloved film characters go through the ringer through the years and come out the other side undone and changed. And it looks like the same will be said for some of the Defenders come their conflict with the Hand in the August team-up. Speaking at Houston’s Comicpalooza (Yeah, another one of these stories), Mike Colter gave some hints on what’s in store for the four vigilantes on the other side of their tribulations:

The great thing about Defenders that I think is unique – and this doesn’t give too much away – is that where we start at in the Defenders as far as a team, as individuals, our journey and the psychology behind all our characters, we start at such a weird place. And there’s a lot of things that happen that ultimately,
where we end up is back to where we started in a sense. We’re kind of changed in a way but somehow some things have to go back to the way they were. Some people will be completely changed by the end in different directions. Some will be irrevocably changed for good. So it’s gonna be unique to see where they leave everybody off individually.
so immediately after the Defenders, everybody bleeds off into their own show.

There are two things that are super interesting with these quotes. The first one being the characters that will sort of revert to the way they were. As interconnected as their stories are, not everyone will be as closely tied to the story as the rest. Some of the characters will be tied to the story through the fringes of the plot. Characters like Jessica Jones or Luke Cage don’t have much personal investment in the story the way Daredevil has to this. So it’s only understandable that the events of the Defenders won’t impact their lives and their essence in a tremendous way.

The second interesting part of the quote are the characters that will be changed for good. Characters like Daredevil, Elektra, Stick and maaaaybe Iron Fist aren’t going to come out the other side the way they were. Iron Fist is a particularly interesting case because his ties to the Hand are more of the “professional” manner than personal. But with Madame Gao in the show, it’s not crazy to expect some revelations about the mantle of Iron Fist that could affect Danny’s trajectory for future shows. As for Stick, a character who spent his entire life fighting the Hand and Elektra, a dead Chaste member resurrected and possessed by the Hand, it’ll be interesting to see how things end for the two. The thing I’m interested in the most is where the Defenders story leaves Daredevil. Over the past 2 seasons, we’ve seen him fight for his life and saw his first love get killed by the Hand so it’ll be interesting to see it all come down on him in the Defenders and where it will leave him for Daredevil Season 3.

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