I would definitely consider this in rumor territory, but according to the Vigilantist, Marvel has started to design Phase 2 of their Netflix lineup and Frank Castle aka The Punisher is one of their focuses.

Daredevil has shown that Marvel is willing to step outside their wheel house and go for more darker adaptations of their properties when required. And it’s this darker world that has fans clamoring for a Punisher series; so it’s no surprise (if this is in fact true) that it would be one of their focuses after The Defenders. Thomas Jane has said in the past that he’s definitely done with the part, so that leaves casting wide open and can allow Marvel to possibly start introducing Frank Castle in their other upcoming properties before his rumored solo series.

Would you like to see the Punisher on Netflix or would you prefer him have his own movie? Who would you like to see cast as Frank Castle? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Vigilantist