The trailer for ABC’s Inhumans features the betrayal of the Inhuman Royal Family by one of their own, Maximus, the King’s own brother. The theme of betrayal by those closest to us is one that not only keeps us awake at night, but has long been the foundation of some powerful literature. From Judas’ betrayal of Jesus and the traitor Ephialtes to any number of recent parallels one might make, stories of betrayal are abundant. It’s possible, however, that one man may have dwelt more and thus dealt more with stories of betrayal than anyone and it’s that man’s work that actor Iwan Rheon (Maximus) says best describes Marvel’s Inhumans.

Shakespearean is a good way of describing the family. Their relationships and the power struggles and the way the system has been placed upon you. Also there’s a Genetic Council, which is kind of the religious element of the society. They’re the kind of elders. So you kind of that of element along with the Royal Family. You have the state versus the tradition. It is a very Shakespearean dynamic.

These are certainly strong words coming from the man behind the betrayal. Comparing the upcoming drama to the works of Shakespeare calls to mind the classic betrayals in Julius Caesar, MacBeth, Othello and, perhaps most fittingly, Hamlet, in which the King’s brother plotted for the throne. As fans of the comics well know, the relationship between Maxiums and Blackagar is the straw that stirs the drink in many of the great Inhuman stories and, according to Rheon, it will feature in the show as well.

Black Bolt is the older brother of Maximus so he was always first in line to be king which is somthing Maximus has always fancied. He feels that he would be a better king because he can speak without destroying a world around him and he feels that he’s a more dynamic leader. He’s loyal to him but with one eye on the crown.

Comic readers may breathe a sigh of relief to know that Maximus, who has never stopped scheming for the throne, will stay true to his comic origins in the show. It remains to be seen, however, just what machinations Maximus has put in place to take the throne from his brother, but with inspiration being taken from Paul Jenkins and Shakespeare, we can hope for the best.

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