Spider-Man: Far From Home just started filming but we already have our first big casting announcement since Jake Gyllenhaal has joined the cast. Curb Your Enthusiasm fans will recognize the actor J. B. Smoove, who has joined the cast in an undisclosed role. The only thing that was confirmed is that he will have a major part in the ensemble cast before returning to film Larry David‘s show. The actor has an extensive film career, as he appeared in various films like the recently released Uncle DrewDate Night and The Polka King.

The big question remains who he could end up playing. Gyllenhaal will play one of Spidey’s most creative villains, Mysterio. With the film taking place during a summer vacation in Europe, we might see a very different interpretation of Quentin Beck. It would make sense for him to have an ensemble that helps him pull off his various tricks that will force Spidey to rethink his situations. It would make sense if Smoove plays one of his accomplices throughout the film. The Marvel Studios version of the franchise is slowly building up a Sinister Six showdown so maybe we could see a very different interpretation of Chameleon. With a master of disguise at his side, Beck could always ensure a safe escape or getting an alibi as they rob one bank after another. While we have no confirmation on who he will end up playing, it is always fun to speculate.

What do you think about the casting? Who do you think he might end up playing?

Source: Deadline

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