Just last week, it was rumored that Ned Leeds was said to be a part of the currently filming Spider-Man: Homecoming. This rumor came from the folks over at Marvelous Realm who has actually had a majority of their scoops confirmed already. Interestingly enough, to go with that rumor, they’d reported that relative newcomer Jacob Batalon had joined the cast. For the most part, any unannounced cast members that have been spotted on set or those rumored to be a part of the cast have been confirmed by the trades. Batalon’s casting, however, has never been confirmed by the trades. In fact, it’s only because of newly released photos from the first week of filming that Batalon’s casting has been confirmed. For those unfamiliar with the character, Leeds is a reporter for The Daily Bugle that is roughly the same age as Peter. With Marvel and Sony bringing Peter back to high school for Homecoming, it is entirely possible that Batalon’s role is, in fact, that of Leeds and that he’ll have a bigger role going forward, but for now, the only confirmation we have is that Batalon is definitely in the film.

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Source: Just Jared!