When the cast of Thor: Ragnarok was confirmed by Marvel back in May, there was one name noticeably absent from the list: Jaimie Alexander, who has played Lady Sif in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the first Thor film. At the time, the actress, who headlines her own television series these days, assured fans not to worry. Of course, since then, things have been relatively quiet. However, during SDCC, the actress was asked about the possibility of appearing in the film once again, and this time, she answered to the best of her ability.

As much as we all what to see Lady Sif return for the final Thor entry, the fact of the matter is that NBC – the network behind her TV series, Blindspot – will have to work with Marvel Studios to allow for the actress to do both projects. It’s more than likely that, yes, the actress will be returning as she seems to continually be teasing, but I’d reckon she’d probably make her way to set during reshoots since her TV show is filming concurrently to Ragnarok. (With the former filming in New York and the latter filming in Australia.) For now, we can at least take comfort knowing that the actress seems to be doing her best to make it work with both projects to return as Lady Sif.

Source: Twitter.