UPDATE: Talks have been CONFIRMED by The Hollywood Reporter. Gyllenhaal has entered talks to play Mysterio in the untitled Spider-Man sequel. This pretty much confirms Mysterio as the next iconic Spidey big bad to hit the screen. Variety on the other hand gave hints as to the lead roles they were looking to fill.

Plot details are still unknown at this time, but sources say Marvel and Sony, who will co-produce the film, were looking to cast a new male and female lead, with the desire for the male lead to be played by an A-list actor. Actresses for the female role, which is expected to be someone in her 20s, are currently being auditioned by execs.

Mum’s the word on all things post-Avengers 4 in the MCU. With only some production dates to go on, the future of the MCU beyond next year’s Avengers film is mostly unknown. Lately, some talk about Matt Damon declining the villain role for the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel surfaced. Today, a new report is saying that Jake Gyllenhaal, who was at one point battling Toby Maguire for the Peter Parker role back in the day, is close to signing on to the sequel as iconic Spidey baddie Mysterio, this according to tabloid The Sun. And get this: Ryan Gosling was also up for it.

“Producers were keen to sign Ryan but he was busy filming another project,” a source told the tabloid. “Jake is a suitable alternative with experience of playing villainous characters.”

First thing’s first. We all know how these UK tabloids roll. A lot of them are really sketchy so make sure to take this info with a massive grain of salt. But taking the report as it is, it’s a pretty exciting prospect. Jake Gyllenhaal is such an incredible actor and having seen his freakish turn in Nightcrawler, he’d make for a great unhinged baddie in the MCU. Fans have been clamoring for the cinematic debut of Quentin Beck aka Mysterio for decades now. With a globe-trotting premise to boot, it’ll be interesting to see how they could possibly fit a master of illusion like Mysterio in an international setting, if this report ends up being true.

Source: The Sun via Express