Spoiler Warning: This post will contain spoilers on season 2 of Agent Carter.

One week from today, the second season of Agent Carter will be only hours away from being complete. The move to LA has provided Peggy and friends with plenty of new challenges and some new enemies. It will be fun to watch how the season (and possibly the show as a whole) finish up with Peggy and Jarvis trying to defeat Whitney Frost.

Leading up to the two hour special tonight, cast members have been taking part in various interviews. One of those interviews featured James D’Arcy chatting with TV Insider about what we will see during tonight’s episodes and what has brought them to this point.

I think it safe to think that everyone was excited when it was announced that Ana Jarvis was coming to the show. She had a very big role in the last two episodes, and following the bullet she took, Jarvis was clearly not handling it very well.

Pretty badly at the end of the last episode. He did not seem to be at a good place. We’re all pretty clear on just how much he loves his wife. That love does not diminish over the course of the next two episodes. Let’s put it like that.

The person responsible for shooting Ana was none other than Whitney Frost, and Jarvis will definitely not be sitting this next adventure out. D’Arcy could not say too much besides saying the following.

I wish I knew how to tease it without giving everything away… Let’s just bear in mind that Jarvis works in the nature of war. And as much as he delights in the ludicrous things that Howard (Dominic Cooper) has him do, there may be some backbone to Jarvis.

One of the other new sides we have seen from Jarvis is the one of scientist. According to D’Arcy, learning about Jarvis’ many talents did not come as a surprise because Jarvis is well, Jarvis.

No, nothing surprises me about Jarvis, if I’m being honest. I love it when [the writers] come up with weird things and you go, “Oh, right, he’s a brilliant scientist as well” Excellent. Love it. I don’t know quite how brilliant he is, but he always understands the concept quite quickly, which I think is just right for Jarvis. They just know who he is. They’re writing great.

Whitney is currently trying to figure out the true power of Zero Matter and has helped the show pick up the pace of its storytelling. Finally, D’Arcy teased that this build up will have a big pay off.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better. You can see it because it’s all over Whitney Frost’s face—it’s getting bigger. What started as a slow burn at the start of the season is now really gathering pace. And in a way that they did in Season 1 they’ve just done a fantastic job of ramping up the pace and the energy and the temperature of the whole season [to a] very exciting, climactic finish.

Whitney Frost has been a major player this season, causing problems for everyone around her. This could make her hard to sympathize for, if it was not for the compelling backstory the show gave her. While speaking with Zap2It, Wynn Everett touched on this aspect of the character and how much she enjoyed the flashback episode.

Oh my gosh, it’s so true and so genius really. With what the creators and the writers are doing with like … even to what we’re going through now on the news … There are all these people that do these horrific things, that I get so angry and want immediate justice. You can’t really imagine the upbringing or how that really factors into all the many decisions that began to unravel this person.

It’s amazing that in this universe, to say wait wait wait, let us tell you the reason. Let us tell you the backstory. It’s not what you think. [Whitney’s] not just inherently evil. There are many many steps that laid the path to where she is today which I just think is so interesting. I love that they did that episode with the two backstories.

Her most recent adventures have led her to kidnapping Jason Wilkes (Reggie Austin) in an effort to figure out just how his connection to Zero Matter works. As Everett explained, she has taken him out of interest of science, and not for personal gain.

My desire with Dr. Wilkes is for us to work together. I think he’s brilliant and I think that together, he and I can do some real good. At least, that’s my version of it.

Absolutely as a scientist! I tell him I want he and I to work together, physicist to physicist … because he’s discovering things and is having a different experience with Zero Matter than I am.

There are similarities and very big differences and I feel like if he and I can work together, we can combine our knowledge and really change the world. I want him on my side. As far as Whitney, she wants him to do things her way and … that definitely doesn’t involve Peggy.

Everett also talked to Comicbook.com about her role and the popular topic of the mask was brought up yet again. Even though she would have been more than happy to follow the comic look, she appreciates the new approach.

I definitely am not disappointed. I would’ve loved to have done a mask. That would have been so much fun as an actor. But also, I really loved in the beginning, when I sat down with Michelle [Fazekas] and Tara [Butters], they told me that it was going to be a different reinvention of Whitney Frost and that there was going to be a covering, but not necessarily the metal mask that we saw on the comic book. But that there would be different masks, the veil or the hat or the scarf, and a much more subtle type mask then, like you said, the super strong, super villain look. Which I thought was genius and I loved. I think I would have loved it either way. I was really happy.

As her exposure and use of Zero Matter has increased, Whitney has appeared more and more unhinged. This mindset and sometimes crazy reactions, are being heavily influenced by Zero Matter according to Everett.

I really think that this, I would say, is a majority of the dark creeping force. I think it’s consuming every ounce of her and it’s definitely making her crazy. And it’s making her obsessed. You can substitute any substance in there that takes people over without their even knowing it the moment it does. But I think that she’s been completely taken over by this black matter, this Zero Matter, this power, this very evil substance that is overwhelming her decision making and overwhelming her ability to see things in the light of the real world and in the light of what’s really right, what’s good and just.

Before kidnapping Wilkes, she was responsible for taking Dottie prisoner as well. Everett thinks that the two share a similarity with hating Peggy, simply because they want to be her.

I think that she poses a threat in so many ways to me and to Dottie, and the fact that she’s carried on this far, and I have this supernatural substance that could eliminate her, but yet she seems to always come out on top. It’s pretty amazing, just on the goodness of humanity and the power that it has. What Peggy holds is just the goodness of humanity and how it could actually overpower an evil, even a supernatural evil.

Two more episodes of Agent Carter air tonight at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

Source: TV Insider, Zap2It, and Comicbook.com