James Gunn certainly is not wasting any time, as it seems he has already started work on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 while still actively working on Avengers: Infinity War. The director has teased that we may see a new direction for the cosmic-side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the third instalment of the upcoming Guardians trilogy might potentially be the first step into a new direction, as we will see the current incarnation of the team head into completely new directions. Gunn was attending the E3 gaming convention in Los Angeles, where he was part of the World Building Panel alongside Neil DeGrasse Tyson and moderator Chris Hardwick. There he gave some updates on the upcoming project and a potential hurdle that he is facing with the film.

“I’m writing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and I finished the first draft of the treatment yesterday. I’m excited about it. I feel really great about it. But there’s one little thing that I had in the first movie. Now, Marvel Canon, MCU, is crazy. There’s the 616 universe which is the Marvel Comics Universe, which people get hung up on that canon, and then there’s the MCU, The Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has a separate canon. I did something in the first movie of Guardians where it was in the background but it was distinctly there, and people know that it’s there. And I’m like goddammit. Because I have a really good storytelling reason for breaking the canon, and I stayed up last night figuring out if I’m gonna do it or not. I still don’t know.”

That is quite interesting that his plans for the third film may be halted by something that he already put into an earlier film. Not much is known about the upcoming project outside of a potential storyline that will feature Adam Warlock, who was seen in his pod during an end-credit sequence. The question remains what canon he would have to break to make the film work, as there are quite a few easter eggs and moments that have happened ever since we first got our glimpse at the adventures of Star-Lord, Rocket, Gamora, Groot and Drax. Luckily, James Gunn did offer a larger hint at what canon he may have to retracked on.

“I’ll actually tell you. In the first movie there is the mugshot sequence where the characters go through and they’re going through the mugshots and having their picture taken. And the Nova Corps has information about each of the characters coming up on their machinery. Those things are something that your average viewer doesn’t see at all. But there’s a lot of background I put into those things about who they’ve worked with, where they are from, what’s going on. And it’s one of those things that I’m thinking about changing.”

It certainly seems that a small addition for easter egg hunters has turned out to backfire on the director, but now the mysterious hunt starts on which one he is talking about, as well as what character that may potentially take up an important arc of that film. The largest theory going around is that it may be the fact that the otter, Lylla, was mentioned as a contact of Rocket. She is an important part of the Toy Wars storyarc and the character’s origins. It would be interesting to see them try and visit Halfworld and get a closer look at what made everyone’s favorite raccoon what he is. There could be potential to avoid this by simply mentioning the fact that he knew someone with the same name, who would later be the reason why the otter got her name. Whatever direction James Gunn will go, it will certainly be an interesting way to expand upon the central theme of “family” that persisted throughout each film.

What do you think it is? Do you agree with the Rocket theory?

Source: MovieWeb, io9