Ever since Guardians of the Galaxy was released back in 2014, people have been dissecting the film to uncover every little easter egg that director James Gunn may have hidden. In a film with so much attention to detail, it is sad that it takes so long to come to light. A redditor has managed to catch Gunn‘s attention, as he rightfully recognized that the prisoner outfits all were equipped with different types of stripes that represented their various crimes. He goes into great detail in a Facebook post on what the stripes represent for each character, a misinterpretation of Rocket’s gray stripes and a deleted concept involving Groot. He also notes that these stripe designs are originally from their costume designer Alexandra Byrne, who was the mastermind behind the show’s wardrobe.

It is interesting to see how such a small addition really fleshes out the characters and this world. We now know that Quill at some point in his life got in trouble sleeping with a member of a royal family and Rocket was arrested for public drinking. It is sad we did not get to see Groot rip off some CGI pants, but it makes sense that they kept that sequence out of the film for budgetary reasons. Still, we now finally know that Groot is an active nudist in the MCU. Gamora’s long line of murders and assassinations also paint a rather bleak picture of her past as one of Thanos’ children. This small addition makes one wonder how many other small details are still hiding throughout the MCU waiting for us to uncover them.

What are your thoughts on this reveal? Did you notice it? Are there any other you think you saw?

Source: Facebook

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