You may be reading this website because of your love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Maybe you saw an interesting picture and clicked on the link, maybe a friend shared our article, but ultimately there was something about a character, a property, or a story that you enjoyed so much that you want to know more. You are a fan, to your own degree.

Those of us behind the keyboard here at the MCU Exchange are also fans. While we all came to this level of fannishness in our own ways, we write for the site because we are passionate about these properties, which have historically been handled very well. But our passion hasn’t been put to anywhere near as good of use as James Gunn, who began as a fan of films and comics and later developed into an incredible director. As the man behind the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, he has proven that he knows Marvel by bringing difficult concepts to screen in ways that fans could never have imagined.

That’s why it’s sad to know that Inhumans has reached a point where even Gunn thinks it can’t be saved. Perhaps jokingly, in a recent Facebook Q&A he stated that:

It does not look like there is much saving left for the Inhumans.

Obviously, there are many ways to take his statement, but it’s hard to see it in any other way than the fact that this television property is perceived as beyond repair. Obviously, Gunn himself wouldn’t be brought in for a future season (or to fix this season) of Inhumans, but it seems like he is saying more than that. He isn’t saying “That’s not my territory” or “That’s not my specialty.”

In a constant effort to put a positive spin on things, I’m going to throw out that the one positive spin for this comment is that perhaps it doesn’t need saving. While the beginning of the series is nowhere near the quality that fans have come to expect of the MCU, it has some potential. But when one of the biggest Marvel fans feels it’s beyond saving, it makes it harder and harder to keep an eye on that optimistic spin.

Gunn has made a career out of bringing the fantastical to life. Many times, I’ve pointed toward the emotional journey of Rocket Raccoon and Groot as the first example of why the word “Grounded” should never be uttered in connection with a Marvel property. When the audience can develop a connection with a sentient tree that only ever says three words, anything is possible.

Do you think Inhumans success is possible?

Source: Heroic Hollywood