Fan-favorite director James Gunn has pitched an idea featuring Moon Knight to Marvel, according to a Twitter exchange between Gunn and a fan on Twitter earlier this afternoon. The exchange started when a fan asked Gunn if he’d be able to put Moon Knight into a Guardians film. Gunn quoted the tweet and said that while he loves the character and has a great idea for a movie, we shouldn’t be expecting to see him appear in a Guardians movie.

The real treat comes in a reply later on in the thread of tweets where a fan mentioned to Gunn that he should pitch the idea to Marvel and Gunn confirms that he has told someone with the studio about the idea. The two tweets in question can be seen below.

At the end of the day, it’s clear the Gunn’s plate is quite full as he gears up for the release of Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 and he says more than once in the same thread that he doesn’t have time to helm a Moon Knight project. With a third Guardians film a strong possibility as the Marvel Cinematic Universe progresses into Phases Three and Four, Gunn would likely either have to choose between the different properties or take a break from making movies in the superhero genre. Regardless, Gunn has shown he has a great understanding of bringing Marvel characters to life, so it’s nice to know Marvel has what is likely a great starting point for Moon Knight.

Marc Spector, more commonly known as Moon Knight, has been a fan-favorite Marvel character for quite some time and fans have been champing at the bit for a live-action version of the street-level character. In short, Spector is a mercenary who finds himself on the brink of death during a mission to Egypt. While having a vision during his near death experience, the Egyptian god Khonshu grants Spector a second chance at life should he assume the role of the god’s avatar on Earth.

After returning to life in America, Spector develops multiple personalities including millionaire playboy Steven Grant and taxi driver Jake Lockley. Although his origin includes mystical aspects, Moon Knight doesn’t have super powers, rather he relies on his expert detective skills and various gadgets. Quite frankly, the character would fit perfectly into the Netflix-corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Source: Twitter.