The MCU fandom was shocked last July when Guardians of the Galaxy visionary James Gunn was fired from the third film after decade-old questionable tweets he made surfaced online. A lot of fans were maddened by the decision while some agreed with the controversial decision. Today, Deadline dropped a huge bombshell on the matter: Gunn’s back for the third film. According to the trade, Disney’s decision to bring back Gunn into the billion-dollar cosmic universe he built from the ground was made several months ago after several meetings with Gunn and Kevin Feige‘s Marvel Studios team.

Despite his exit from the MCU, it was confirmed that the script Gunn was working on would still be used. Shortly after he was fired, Gunn was quickly tapped by the Distinguished Competition to direct the sequel to their mega-hit Suicide Squad, further complicating the situation. Interestingly enough, Gunn has also received Disney’s good graces to push through with DC’s villain team-up, further delaying an already-delayed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Overall, this is an unexpected and massive twist to the controversy and will surely be one interesting chapter in the inevitable MCU tell-all book.

Source: Deadline