James Gunn did an impromptu Q&A on Facebook recently, and having explicitly ruled out any questions regarding Guardians of the Galaxy 2, most of his answers were simply amusing bits of trivia (he likes his coffee half coffee, half warm milk, and his favorite muppet is Gonzo). He did however let slip a few interesting tidbits, the most important of which is that Marvel will not be going to San Diego Comic-Con.

Both Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron will already be in theaters come August, and given the success of their Phase Three announcement event back in October, many speculated that they might choose to skip comic-con altogether – where the competition for buzz is fierce and crowded – and simply choose to do another independent event. It looks like those speculators were right. There’s no telling when we may get a similar event, but with the possible exception of Spider-Man news, MCU fans have little reason to get hyped up for SDCC.

Gunn dropped a few more interesting nuggets – stating more than once he has no interest in directing either part of Infinity War (the Russos are pretty much assumed to be helming these); that if he could do any other comic adaptation, he’d probably do We3; and that his first attempt at comic book movie was trying to make a Hit-Monkey movie happen. The only Guardians of the Galaxy 2 bit he lets slip is that we’ll find out how long it takes for Groot to grow back. More generally, he spoke on the insanity needed to be a director, the creative freedom he feels at marvel, and whether he had “told you so moments” for scenes he had to fight for that ended up being very popular.

But the news that Marvel will not be making any kind of significant presence at San Diego is the big one. What do you think – are you glad that Marvel isn’t going to be caught up in the chaos of Comic-Con, or are you disappointed you may have to wait a bit longer to learn more details about phase three?