We know James Gunn has an affinity for all things 80s and we love him for it. Growing up in the 80s exposed him to some of the best sci-fi movies ever made at a time when he could really be influenced by it and his Guardians of the Galaxy films have obviously been inspired by some of those works. Growing up in the 80s also meant he got to watch his favorites over and over again via VCRs. Kids today will never know how awesome it was to rewind your VHS cassette to the things you wanted to see again nor will they know the terror of the tape ripping, ending your chances of watching the film again. Gunn took to Twitter yesterday to reminisce about his first VCR:

That’s a beauty. The Quasar VH 5020RW was the Cadillac of VCRs in the early 1980s. As Gunn points out, it had wood paneling and it could do it all, it even had the RF modulator built right in. Of course Gunn could be doing more than reliving the glory days of returning video tapes…

Gunn recently mentioned that he was now open to adding other Terran-based heroes to his Guardians of the Galaxy team and it’s possible he’s giving us our first hint at one of the new team members: Quasar!

There has been more than one Quasar, but Wendell Vaughn is the first name that comes to mind for many when they think of the character. Made the Protector of the Universe by the Cosmic entity Eon, Vaughn used the Quantum Bands to keep life safe across the galaxy. Of course many readers will also remember that another hero, Phyla-Vell, also went by the name of Quasar and would love to see her as well. It’s impossible to know which hero Gunn is teasing here; he could honestly just be reminiscing. Maybe Quasar will make an appearance ahead of Vol. 3 and we’ll know for sure!

Source: Twitter