Here’s something to file under the ‘Actor Wants Super Cool Marvel Job And Is Perfect For It’ folder: Jane the Virgin‘s Gina Rodriguez apparently wants to play America Chavez a.k.a. Miss America should Marvel bring her to the live-action world in the future. Speaking with Geeks of Color at the recent South by Southwest festival, the Puerto Rican CW star affirmed her excitement and love for the character when asked about it. According to her, she’s been a huge fan of the character for some time now and is even aware of the ongoing Miss America run with author Gabby Rivera.

Now I know almost nothing of Gina Rodriguez’s work and the character she wants to play but from the Jane The Virgin buzz that I’ve heard and the few Young Avengers books that I’ve read with Miss America in it, I already know that this is a good fit. And in case you weren’t aware of the character, America Chavez is basically this super-powered teenager from an alternate reality whose parents sacrificed their lives to save the people in their reality. Inspired by her parents, America travels to different realities with the hopes of honoring her family’s heroic sacrifice. Gina’s a bit older than the teenage America Chavez but they can probably rewrite her to be more age-appropriate.

The question is when to introduce a character like her. It’s no secret that these days, Marvel is very busy with their world building towards the saga to end all sagas Avengers: Infinity War, meaning there isn’t exactly room to introduce characters like Miss America in their current slate of films. However, given Infinity War’s inevitable catastrophic ramifications to the current Marvel and the reality it holds, it’s not insane to hope that an out-of-this-reality character like America Chavez could make into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it. Plus it’s about time we see new heroic faces after Phase 3. What better way than to introduce Miss America in a Young Avengers spinoff with an older America Chavez overseeing the team? Who wouldn’t want to see Miss America fight alongside Carol Danvers in the MCU?

Souce: Geeks of Color