We are getting some more news on the upcoming Spider-Man spin-off, Venom. The film is slowly coming together. Some of the supporting cast members are finally being locked in, as Michelle Williams may be up for the role as the female lead, which may turn out to be Eddie Brock’s ex-wife, Ann Weying. Riz Ahmed of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story fame was also allegedly up for a role as a “popular Marvel comic character”. Amy Pascal and her team are now also trying to add one more actress to the project.

Actress and comedian Jenny Slate is currently in negotiations to join the film for an unknown role. The only description that Variety can offer is that she will be playing a scientist. If they take some inspiration from the Ultimate storyline, they could have her be part of the team that ends up creating the black goo. She could be the person that Brock stays in contact with as he tries to figure out what exactly is happening to him. The lack of Spider-Man in these films takes away a lot of the character, which will force the writing team to reinvent the symbiote’s origins. With Williams potentially taking over the role of Weying, it may be a sign that the team is combining multiple elements from the character’s comic book history dating back to 1988.

In addition to that bit of casting info, a new writer by name of Kelly Marcel has been tapped to rewrite the latest draft of the screenplay. Included in Marcel’s body of work are the films 50 Shades of Grey and the vastly underrated Saving Mr. Banks. If the 50 Shades credit turns you off, it’s worth knowing that Melissa Rosenberg wrote the Twilight scripts before helming Jessica Jones as showrunner.

Source: Variety