Last week, IGN revealed that ABC and Marvel were currently working on a second comedy series for the network, but they were unable to get ABC Studios president Paul Lee to reveal any information outside of that. We don’t know what characters it’ll feature, or what it’ll even be about – although we did try to come up with a few guesses – and it’s more than likely that won’t change until May, when ABC announces their pick-ups and renewals. Still, that didn’t stop from trying to get Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb to spill some secrets about the newly revealed project. While he remained tight-lip about the project in question, he did explain why a comedy series would be something they’re interested in bringing to television.

“Look, without addressing whether or not we actually have anything in development, because Marvel security has surrounded the building, and I plan on trying to get home tonight,” he started with a light air, referencing the long-standing joke that Marvel employs snipers to keep their secrets safe. “When you look at any Marvel property, our secret sauce has always been not so secret in that we believe that humor is part of it. It doesn’t really matter how dark we get, and certainly people felt that Daredevil and Jessica Jones were darker than they had expected Marvel properties to go, there’s still a great deal of humor in those shows.

“There are moments of levity that are in life that you need to bring to the table, or else it just becomes overwhelmingly oppressive.”

He then went on to say that, should they decide to pursue half-hour comedies, that they’d want to be sure they remained “grounded and real”.

“If we were to explore half-hour comedies, we would keep in mind what’s important about Marvel, which is that it needs to feel grounded and real, and at the same time that it has that kind of rebellious quality to it,” he said. ” Marvel has always been sort of the bad boy of the comic book universe. I don’t think that’s ever going to change. I think, to be perfectly honest about it, I think we’re now the sort of, the bad people, not the bad boy,” referring to their more concentrated focus on female stars.

It’s worth noting that, while Loeb continues to play coy as usual, Lee has already confirmed that they are developing both Damage Control and the yet unnamed second comedy series. In fact, Damage Control has a put-pilot commitment from the network, meaning they have to at least air the pilot or pay a penalty if they don’t, so we’re guaranteed to see that whether or be as a series or as a special. The newly announced second series, however, is merely in development. We don’t know how far into things they are, or who is working on it, only that Lee acknowledged the project during the TCAs. Either way, we’re bound to get at least one comedy series from Marvel Television – whether it be on ABC or Netflix, as Lee also hinted at as a possibility, remains to be seen.