Marvel Studios has seen some major changes the last few weeks, and today we have more breaking news from the top of the management food chain. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Marvel Television Head Jeph Loeb will be exiting his position with President Kevin Feige now taking over the responsibilities for the TV division along with the Marvel Studios feature films. Loeb has been in this position for nearly a decade and has reportedly been working on his transition plan to leave the studio for some time now, with a formal announcement on his departure to come around Thanksgiving.

Although Loeb was a driving force in the creation of Marvel’s multiple live-action TV series with the creation of Agents of SHIELD in 2013, it has been mostly a rough time for the follow-up shows either critically, financially, with fans, or all of the above. Agent Carter only had a run of 2 seasons even with its critical acclaim and the praise of die-hard fans, but the ratings turned out only subpar nonetheless. Loeb also made huge strides in helping to create Marvel’s Netflix universe, leading multiple solo series that would culminate into The Defenders in 2017. Unfortunately, the shows were mostly maligned by fans and critics alike, even considering the sheer volume of series that Loeb managed to put on the air.

Loeb ended up doing the best job he could paving the way for the MCU’s expansion, with a hand in creating nearly a dozen unique shows that premiered on ABC, Freeform, and Netflix. As much as the fans are anxious and excited to see the new Marvel TV products under Feige and his team at Marvel Studios, we do owe a deal of gratitude to Loeb for helping Marvel TV get its real start in the MCU. We thank him for his hard work and wish him well in all of his future endeavors!

Source:Hollywood Reporter