Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is still going strong in its fifth season. Ratings are still as troubling as always but the show keeps challenging its viewers with creative ideas and concepts. This season especially has given us the agents in space, traveling through time and facing a dimensional rift. We thought that Ghost Rider would be their biggest challenge but the writers find a way to keep surprising us. One major aspect that many wonder about is if the Avengers actually know that Coulson is still alive. The 100th episode teased us with a possibility of it all just being in his head after being stabbed by Loki but it seems unlikely the show will pull an St. Elsewhere kind of ending. So, after everything that has happened over the last five seasons, the Avengers must have noticed that Coulson is still out there. In an interview with EW, Marvel TV’s mastermind Jeph Loeb hints at this actually being resolved and a potential reunion heading our way.

“It’s certainly something that will get resolved, and it may get resolved in a very surprising way.”

As amazing as it is to know that this major question will finally get an answer, it does not help that Marvel is as cryptic as ever. The way Loeb is hinting at a “surprising” reveal may hint at some involvement in the finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s final season. We just got behind a milestone with the 100th episode and the current season has a lot of callbacks to the last four years. Moreover, the season finale is being written as a potential series finale according to the showrunners. Coulson is dying again so him finding a way to survive only to be confronted by an Avengers, maybe even Tony Stark, before the events of Avengers: Infinity War would be amazing.

Just like Nick Fury pointed out in the finale for the first season, he is an Avenger and Tony was the person to point that out during the events of the original Avengers. Just imagine, Tony rattling off all the news and events that have happened, how he thought he was seeing a ghost only to stand before the man that he believed to be dead. It would certainly make for an emotional finale. He got a new lease on life, he accepted his death but then to be confronted by not only his team, who are like his family but also Tony could give him a new reason to continue the fight no one else could handle.

How do you want Coulson’s survival to be resolved? How would you imagine this happening?

Source: EW via Screenrant